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Best Time to Visit in Nepal

Nepal, "the land of Himalayas"

Nepal is not only a country enriched with natural beauty, but also highly gifted with tradition and culture. Being the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Nepal is a place of cultural and religious harmony. Nepal is regarded as a popular tourism destination. Most of the travelers who want to come to Nepal, visit Nepal for reasons like trekking, mountaineering, rafting, and many more adventure activities. Such activities are directly influenced by the seasons of Nepal. So we will guide you by explaining the Best Time to Visit in Nepal.

Best Season to visit in Nepal

You will be amused by the different season of Nepal, which includes: Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Monsoons. However, the best time to visit in Nepal is Autumn and Spring season.

Autumn season

The month of September brings Autumn and it lasts till November. The Autumn season is the best season to visit in Nepal, naturally and culturally. In this season, the temperature will be average neither too hot nor too cold, the environment gets clear by summer monsoons and the weather remains pleasant and not much affected by cold. During this season you can do all trekking in Nepal and you will be mesmerized by the stunning views. In October, here in Nepal, we celebrate our main festival Dashain. And in last October to November, we celebrate the festival of lights, Dipawali (Tihar).

So the Autumn season is the best time to visit in Nepal because in this season you will not only get a chance to see the breathtaking views but also can enjoy the festival with us.

Spring season

Nepal receives Spring season from March that continues till May. This season is also the best time to visit in Nepal. The country attracts many tourists in this season. Those months are rather warm and there is plenty of sunlight. You can enjoy in green forest, a lovely view of rhododendron (which is also the national flower of Nepal) while walking. It is also the best season to do jungle safari in Chitwan National Park. Because mostly in spring season you can have a glimpse of one-horned Rhinos, Elephants, and Bengal Tigers, etc.

So spring season is also the best season to visit in Nepal because in this season you can enjoy the pretty sight of bloomed rhododendron and beautiful wildlife.

Other seasons

Other seasons include Winter Season, Monsoon Season, and Summer Season, which are less favorable for trekking but it’s all your choice if you want to visit during this period.

Winter season

The Winter season normally starts in December and ends in February. During these month temperature reaches an almost freezing point and Himalayan regions experience rough weather and heavy snowfall. In the winter season, the weather in Nepal is cloudy, foggy, and too cold. And some trekking routes can be closed due to unfavorable weather. But if you want to experience the winter of The Himalayas you can do Mardi Himal trek, Annapurna Annapurna base camp Trek, Langtang Trek, and Poonhill Trek.

Monsoon season

Monsoon season in Nepal continues from June to September. In the monsoon season, the risk of landslides is higher in the upper region of Nepal. Road also can be muddy because of heavy rainfall. So we request you not to go for a trek in the upper region. But there are some exceptional treks which are good during the monsoon season which lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas, protected from most of the monsoons rains , i.e. Upper Mustang Trek and the Nar Phu Valley Trek because they lie in the rain shadow of the Himalayas, protected from most of the monsoons rain.

Summer season

Nepal enjoys the Summer season from June to August. Summer season is good for almost all trekking routes in Nepal, Upper Mustang, Jomsom Muktinath Trekking, upper Dolpo trek, and Lower Dolpa are the most popular summer trekking in Nepal.