Isabelle Hasar

Trekking Leader and founder

I found myself very lost in 2013 and somehow Nepal started calling me.I needed to go to the mountains to loose myself, to see what u could find. The Nepalis say: in the mountains over 3000 m, thoughts stand still and the mind becomes wide and free. I needed this. From Kathmandu, I joined a group of women and we went westwards to Pokhara and climbed 4,300 m high to the Annapurna Base Camp. i stayed 3 weeks.It felt like 3 months.A new world opened up inside me. A new chapter began. Time stood still.I felt love for Nepal the nature, the people, everything..I finally felt alive. In our daily lives thoughts have taken possession of our minds. We live full of everything, but inside we can feel alone and empty. Frustrations and unsatisfactory follow us and stop us from feeling free. There is a togetherness of spirit in Nepal which appealed to me and broke me open. Women in the mountain village sit together in a circle, to exercise their craft, make their children’s hats, chat about what was really happening in their lives. As a child and youth psychotherapist I noticed all that was missing in everyday life in the west.Humming and singing of the dancers, the muffled beating of drums accompanied us during out walk, day and at night. Someone begins to sing, the other voices join with him. I feel an incredible lightness and joy rising in me . The porters are so selfless and thankful for every beam of sun ray. For 3 euros a day they carry our luggage into the icy heights of the Himalaya. They don´t show the tourists their struggle ,they are humble, satisfied,kind . In Nepal, every man is a brother and every woman a sister. One is taken straight to the family. Accepted unconditionally, unlike the reality of most of us with our families. My trip to Nepal made me change my perception of myself. This feeling of love stayed with me. I see everything more relaxed and calmer. Nepal taught me, not to take everything so seriously. Dev-our trekking guide- works as a porter and guide since 20 years in the Nepalese and Tibetan Himalaya. He knows all aspects of trekking adventures and tourism related activities in the hope bringing change in tourism industries in Nepal and increase the employment.We fell in love and for two and a half years we have been jointly organised treks and helped others find the peace in themselves . I go twice a year to Nepal , with friends or those I’ve met struggling with life back home. Life is flying past for all of us, it’s time to slow it down, have real experiences that change us forever.