Mahes Nepal

Mahesh Nepal

Posted in 2nd Jul, 2017

I got real and genuine training from you guys. After working as trekking and tour guide at the Nepalese and Tibetain Himalayas for 20 years we know all the aspect of trekking , adventure and tourism related activities. With the hope of brienging change in tourism industry of Nepal and increase the employment rate We make a team of experience knowledgeable and environmentally aware groups of the guides and potential business people. Hope, I found you earlier! The way you guys work is very nice. We get best support from you and we are very happy with it.! Thank You.

Nepal’s rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage makes it the ideal destination for those who wish to take a journey back in time and explore its mystical ancient past. Practically every street, building or structure has inscriptions and etchings inscribed on them and tell remarkable tales. Sacred Hindu and Buddhist sites of pilgrimage dot every conceivable corner. The birthplace of Buddha and home to the highest mountain in the world makes it fascinating and mystical.