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Privacy policy

Open trail treks always gather information about our clients as per our privacy policy. We always want to give high-quality service to our customers, that’s why some information is essential for us. The information you provided will be very confidential. That information will not be provided to other parties directly or indirectly.

Required information

We demand some documents that authorize your identification when you register. Documents include:



iii.Postal Code

iv.Contact Details

v.Valid Email Address

vi.An ID 

vii.A copy of your passport

viii.Other information relevant to promotional offers

If your information gets updated we kindly requested our customer to inform us via email, we will reply within a week.

Security of the Information 

The information of clients will be confidential. It will safely keep in our company’s server which is only reachable for valid reasons. That information is required to keep our clients up-to-date about our current offers and services. Please kindly note that your information will not be stored on our server regardless of the payment method.

Uses of Cookies

We use cookies to remember you and your website cookies of our company are perfectly safe so, you don’t have to worry while accepting our company’s cookies. If you refuse in using the company’s cookies you may not take full advantage of our services.

Links on Website 

We only have one site that is We don’t have any other site besides it. Be aware of other site links that will not be in our control and they have their own privacy and policies. 

Changes in Policy 

Our company has full rights to have some changes to our policies. Our company can update our privacy policies at any time as per the necessity. So it will be better if our customer keeps updated by themself about the company’s privacy policy. If you want to learn more about our company or trip, you can email us at our official mailing address.