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Accommodation in Nepal

When it comes to accommodation we have seen that many tourists are facing problems because of not finding a place to sleep During travel. now I am going to guide you about Accommodation in Nepal. You can pay anything from a couple of dollars per night in a trekking lodge to more than $350 in a wildlife resort, but guesthouses, where most travelers stay, typically charge between $5 and $35.

In the low season, you can get a discount of up to 50%. All you have to do is ask for a discount and if it's favorable, they will definitely provide you a discount. Most of the places have facilities on the internet, attached bathroom, TV, AC, and many more. Singles' room is usually doubles offered at between half and two-thirds of the full price. You should take bookings and reservations in hotels and guesthouses during high season, local festivals, and also if you are arriving late at night.

Accommodation in Nepal includes:


Lodges in Nepal are mainly for Nepalese travelers. Some of the lodges are really comfortable and in good condition but more lodges are not that facilitated. Though you rarely pay money more than 350rs you will get a room which has concrete floors, cold-water shower, and smelly toilets. We request you to bring your own sleeping bag to protect yourself from bed bugs and lice. We are not saying that all Nepalese lodges are that bad but it is always a good idea to be prepared for the situation. 

Guest Houses

You can found a guest house in Nepal from primitive flophouses to well-appointed small hotels. Many guesthouses have their own price range and facilities. The staff of most of the guest house can speak English fluently and help tourists to arrange anything from laundry to find trekkers and also porters. Some types of the guest house are:

Budget Guest House

You can find a budget guest house more in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Since Pokhara and Kathmandu is the main point to start the journey, there are more budget guesthouses comparing to other places. Budget guesthouses provide you many more facilities that include free wifi, hot running water, flush toilets, foam mattresses, clean sheets, and blanket at a reasonable price. Most guesthouses also offer a rooftop room, a garden, phone, and TV. For winter they will heat the room at a moderate temperature. The budget guest house room costs RS300-1000. 

Mid Range Guest House

In Nepal, the mid-range guest house is more popular than a budget guest house. In mid-range guesthouse room is bigger and they will also provide you fan or AC, and often a phone and TV. You will have toilet paper in the restroom and a hot water shower to be fresh. Most of the mid-range guest house room costs from RS1000-3500. This type of guest house quote their price in dollars but you can pay in rupees and even with a credit card.

Hotels and Resorts

There are the most expensive hotels and resorts in Nepal which provide you unique experiences. But some hotels and resorts are less costly that also offers something unique, like a stunning view or historic buildings. Expect to pay $50-$100 per night for a genuinely classy place. You can find hotels and resorts in both cities and far from the city area where you find nature and more peace than the city area. 

Village Stay and Home Stays

You can find more homestay on trekking trails. The main motive of homestay is to give rise to the economic benefits of local people. It also helps tourists to understand local culture and tradition and they will be more familiar to people of that locality. Village stay offers you good meal and entertainment by showing their cultural dance in cultural dress and many more. The rooms of local houses are fitted with a bathroom and are more comfortable.