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Our Team


Dev Raj Adhikari


Born in 1970 and Grew up in a small, Hindu mountain village in the region of Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal. He spent his childhood working and studying in the remote village of Dhading. He was passionate about working in the field of tourism from an early age. As he finishes high school he came to Kathmandu and start to work as a porter and slowly worked his way up to trekking guide. From the first beginning, he was fascinated by the strange dissimilar cultures who hire him as a mountain guide in the heights of the Himalayas. To bring these people on their own journey to the mountains and to himself, and in the wild nature, gives him great joy. Many Germans have been guided by Dev, he has even picked up the language and is inspired to show them all he knows of the land. He has more than 20 years of experience as a mountain guide in the Himalayas he spent all his life doing trekking, the golden young age he spent carrying bag, guiding people up to the mountain, has met Tibetan monks and Rinpoche, accompanied Shaman, explored the mountains. He didn’t care about anything. all he cared about was the happiness and satisfaction of his clients. He ha meat of monk’s, visit the monastery. now I felt like even the trees, rock and the river knows me. When leafs of the trees sakes I feel like they are saying hello to me. and the people met in various Hindu and Buddhism mountain villages. Born in 1970 and Grew up in a small, Hindu mountain village in the region of Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal. He spent his childhood working and studying in the remote villages of Dhading. He was passionate about working in the field of tourism from an early age. After he finishes high school he came to Kathmandu and start to work as a porter and slowly worked his way up to trekking guide. From the first beginning, he was fascinated by the strange dissimilar cultures that hire him as a mountain guide in the heights of the Himalayas. Read more

Isabelle Hasar


I found myself very lost in 2013 and somehow Nepal started calling me. I needed to go to the mountains to lose myself, to see what u could find. The Nepalis say: in the mountains over 3000 m, thoughts standstill and the mind becomes wide and free. I needed this. From Kathmandu, I joined a group of women and we went westwards Pokhara and climbed 4,300 m high to the Annapurna Base Camp. I stayed for 3 weeks. It felt like 3 months. A new world opened up inside me. A new chapter began. Time stood still.I felt love for Nepal nature, the people, everything..I finally felt alive. In our daily lives thoughts have taken possession of our minds. We live full of everything, but inside we can feel alone and empty. Frustrations and unsatisfactory follow us and stop us from feeling free. There is a togetherness of spirit in Nepal which appealed to me and broke me open. Women in the mountain village sit together in a circle, to exercise their craft, make their children’s hats, chat about what was really happening in their lives. As a child and youth psychotherapist, I noticed all that was missing in everyday life in the west. Humming and singing of the dancers, the muffled beating of drums accompanied us during our walk, day, and at night. Someone begins to sing, the other voices join with him. I feel an incredible lightness and joy rising in me. The porters are so selfless and thankful for every beam of sunray. For 3 euros a day they carry our luggage into the icy heights of the Himalaya. They don´t show the tourists their struggle, they are humble, satisfied, kind. In Nepal, every man is a brother and every woman a sister. One is taken straight to the family. Accepted unconditionally, unlike the reality of most of us with our families. My trip to Nepal made me change my perception of myself. This feeling of love stayed with me.I see everything more relaxed and calmer. Nepal taught me, not to take everything so seriously. Dev-our trekking guide- works as a porter and guide for 20 years in the Nepalese and Tibetan Himalaya. He knows all aspects of trekking adventures and tourism-related activities in the hope of bringing change in tourism industries in Nepal and increase employment. We fell in love and for two and a half years we have been jointly organized treks and helped others find the peace in themselves. I go twice a year to Nepal, with friends or those I’ve met struggling with life back home. Life is flying past for all of us, it’s time to slow it down, have real experiences that change us forever. Read more

Sudesha Adhikari

Content Writer

She is a smart girl having pleasing personality. Currently she is doing her bachelor in social work. She is student of social work, however she seems to be interested in the travel and tourism field too and also she has learned to take responsibility in this field. Hobbies of our smart girl are writing and travelling. She always seems to be so excited to explore new places. With her smiling face and helpful behavior, she is amongst the most wanted member of Open Trail Trek.s A hardworking person by nature, Miss Adhikari has been trying to improve her skill in writing.  She is always ready to share her ideas and knowledge with everyone. She feels that every time she write something she has learned more interesting things and gain more knowledge in her life.  Read more


Tour Guides

Bashu Adhikari

Trekking Guide

Bashu his a family of 10 people and he is the only one in the family who earns some money. Like many members of our company, he is also the permanent residence of Phulkharka Dhading. Being born in a remote land he never gets a chance of attending school. There was no school when he was a child. He still says, he wishes he had a chance to study. But now he sent his sons and daughter to school. He says I didn’t get that opportunity but I am glad that my sons and daughter have the chance to educate themselves. Having the responsibility for such a giant family he always has problems and mostly they are monetary. He and his family are full-time farmers. They grow all different crops to feed the family. And we also give him priority on the work. Working as a porter form our company he earns some cash which he can use to buy clothes for his family, buy medicine, and other necessary things.Bashu is on is 40, but he is a very charming guy. He knows how to joke. He is very active and always ready to serve. As being a professional farmer he is a skinny little guy but full of strength. Read more

Binod Adhikari

Trekking Guide

He is a great dancer, he could dance forever. All of his dancing steps are so unique and he mixes them all amazing way. Here we aren’t talking about the dance, Binod Adhikari, who is been working as a porter on our company from the start of our company. He is the permanent residence of Phulkharka, Dhading, and a very remote village. Father of three children he is lives in his village and joins our group upon our necessity. He and his wife is a farmer, they own small part of the land where they grow rice, millet, corns, potatoes, and other crops. They also own animals. Binod likes to be a full-time trekking porter and work his way up to become a guide.He is in his thirty and as strong as bull. He can literally run steep uphill with 30kg on his back. Very gentle, shy Binod may not know how to communicate with you but every time you come face to face he greets with a nice smile. He's ready to serve attitude, smiling face, calm and gentle behavior make him one of our favorite employees. Read more

Gyanu Bania


Teller than average Nepalese man, Gyanu Bania is a very charming man. He looks even more handsome when we smile. Being born in a remote part of Nepal and not having a chance of schooling he is now a traditional farmer and porter. But he says he never regret it. According to him, family and friends are his greatest wealth. Father of two sons and one daughter Gyanu, he so glad that he has become able to spend time with his family. Very shy Gyanu usually stays behinds but when it comes to the carrying bag pack he can still beat the young man. He loves to laugh and he knows a lot of jokes to make other people laugh. Beside working porter and farming, he also knows how to build houses and work as a carpenter. All these skills always keep him busy. Read more

Rajan Adhikari


Rajan Adhikari is the man of the show. He loves singing and dancing. You can see him all the time laughing. Our guides and clients say that if Rajan doesn’t join the trekking, the trekking will not as fun. With Rajan every day will be a party, every day will be singing and dancing.Permanent residence of Dhading, Phulkharka, Rajan is in his middle age. Humorous and charming Rajan is working as the assistant guide and on his way to becoming Guide. He is being worked in this industry since 1995. He is also a full-timer in the tourism industry. He also has long experience working on the Tibetans mountain. Read more

Madan Nepal


Madan is the youngest member of Open Trail Trek. Born in 2000, Madan is the permanent residence of Dhuwakot, Dhading, which is also a very remote village. He was born there as well as spent his 18 years. After finishing high school he moves to Kathmandu in order to get a higher education. Now he is the office boy and part-time porter.Starting his carrier recently and having no previous experience with a foreigner he is a very shy boy. But he is learning English other necessary skills in order to become an adventure guide. He says he really wants to be a guide. Read more

Amrit Baniya


Amrit Bania is in his mid-twenty. He is not married yet. Having a big family he has the responsibility of his family, especially his old parents. He also has to make his carrier and save some money before he gets married. Born is a poor family in middle Nepal he has facing many problems in life due to poverty. This has forced him to stop his study after high school and move to the middle east in order to pay the loan their family has borrowed and also earn living for himself and his family. After working on a minor full-time job he becomes able to pay off the debt and return back to the country. Now he is working as a porter with Open Trail Treks and planning to build his way up to guide. Read more

Prajun Bania


Small but fast Prajun is also in his mid-twenty. Being a member of a poor family he also couldn’t pursue the higher study and came to Kathmandu chasing his dream of being a trekking guide. Having many years of experience in the industry and learning about hospitality with working he could have now become a guide. But he has lacks the necessary communication skills. He did study English for several years but the schooling in his village wasn’t far poor then standard. But he knows the track of all major trekking routes very well. He knows local people in the area. Despite his very small body, he is very strong and fast. Read more