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Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour


1 Day/s

Max. Elevation

4130 Meter

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Pokhara - Annapurna base camp - Pokhara

Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour Highlights

    ‘Fly into scenic sanctuary guarded by an amphitheatre of high snow peaks’
    • Short and very scenic flights to the base of the world's tenth highest Mt. Annapurna
    • Glamorous scenery surrounded by high stunning peaks of Annapurna Himalaya
    • Unique biodiversity from lush green hills to arctic landscapes of ice and glaciers
    • Refreshing stops at Annapurna base camp in the comfort of nice lodge restaurants
    • Grand views of the world’s highest peaks Annapurna, Dhaulagiri to Mt. Manaslu

    Trip Profile of Annapurna base camp helicopter tour

    Flight Duration:
    Minimum 1 hour to Maximum 2 hours with shortstops.
    Nepal North Mid-West around Gandaki Zone. Latitude 28.5300° N, and Longitude 83.8780° E
    Possible stops:
    At Base Camp, time permitting at Chomrong / Ghandruk.
    Aerial Distance:
    40 km air distance north of Pokhara airport and the city.
    Local Culture:
    Around Annapurna region is populated by the famous Gurung Hill tribe interwoven to Buddhism with fascinating colourful culture and custom.
    Helicopter Model:
    AS 350 B series of helicopters of Euro-Copter, France popular all over the world and Ecureuil model or similar.
    Fail-Safe Design, Comfortable Seating Arrangements, maximum 5 seats excluding Pilot, Suitable for all types of helicopter missions and can fly up to an altitude of above 5,000 m or 16,000 feet high.

Overview of Annapurna base camp Heli tour

Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour operates from the beautiful city at Pokhara airport, due to its closeness to the mountains of Annapurna Himalaya. One of the greatest thrills flying high above the verdant valley of Pokhara, with tiers of green hills that surround, within the close backdrop of massive Annapurna Mountain range located towards the north. Annapurna and other range of high snow-peaks can be viewed from Pokhara itself, with majestic Mt. Machhapuchare popularly known as ‘Fish-Tail’ due to its twin summit top.
The other charm of Pokhara, it’s the beauty of Annapurna massive peaks that reflects on its serene Fewa and Begnas Lakes. Pokhara one of the leading and renowned tourist haven, where our enchanting Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour begins and ends. Early morning is the best time of seasons, will be most favorable to enjoy Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour weather-wise. For super views and panorama of Nepal Mid-West and its beautiful country landscapes, adorned with high massif snow mountain range.  An amazing flight of less than an hour to reach the base of the world's highest mountains from Pokhara. Mt. Annapurna stands as the world's tenth highest at 8,091 m and 26, 545 feet. Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour, covers an aeronautical distance of 40 km / 25 miles, the shortest, swiftest flight in all Himalaya range. As well the fastest way to be on the very foot of towering mountain range, where trek takes nearly a week to do the round trip.
Annapurna Heli Tour takes off from Pokhara flying high over the valley and rolling green hills, covered in beautiful rhododendron and pine forest. As flight progress heading high above mountain villages, following a Modi River up to its glacial source at Annapurna Base Camp. Located at the western end of the magnificent sanctuary and on the very foot of Mt. Annapurna-I, enclosed by the array of high peaks.
Annapurna base camp at 4,130 m / 13,550 feet high, truly a heaven on earth encircled by a range of snow-mountains. Stopping for a while to enjoy the views and having a warm cup of coffee/tea. The one and only base camp in the whole Himalaya with facilities of a lovely lodge, that serves as restaurants for visitors.  
After a glorious moment, as per the pilot decision board in a chopper for return journey back to Pokhara. On the way back, time permitting and weather-wise might make a short stop on mountain villages. A great opportunity to catch glimpse of local culture of age-old tradition, at Chomrong or Ghandruk largest Gurung villages around the Annapurna range. Which is also a starting and ending point to Annapurna Base Camp Trek and other adventure destinations. Finally, our great and marvelous Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour completes on reaching back at lovely Pokhara city airport.

Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour Itinerary



At 5: 30 or 6 a.m.

As usual early morning a great time for a Helicopter flight to catch the best panorama of the Himalaya Mountain range, depart from the hotel where our guide or staff transfer you to Pokhara airport of 10-15 minutes drives from your hotel, near Phewa Lakeside. On entering the airport terminal, after checking in and going through security then walk to where a helicopter is parked, the Captain / Pilot welcomes you on board, as you take your seat and get ready for the flight to Annapurna Base Camp. 

Soon, the chopper leaves the ground heading straight north flying high facing views of Pokhara city, its beautiful valley and surrounding green hills dotted with many farm villages and neat rows of terraces.

The pilot will announce the name of peaks, as you get closer towards Annapurna Himalaya range with majestic views of Machhapuchare Himal the famous Fish-Tail, and adjoining high mountains. The chopper, makes its way through hills, valley and follows the Modi-River River upstream to enter spectacular Annapurna Sanctuary and at base camp, a place close to Annapurna-I with some good lodge to serve travelers.

At base camp, enjoy the mountain views with a refreshing cup of hot drinks, after a glorious moment, as per pilot advice board in back to your seat for the return flight back to Pokhara. Time permitting and weather-wise in the late morning hours our pilot might land at mountain villages either in Chomrong or Ghandruk where Heli-Pad available. Enjoy a short visit around the villages and catch glimpse of local immense culture of Gurung of ancient heritage and traditional farm life.

Completing a short visit around farm hill villages, scenic air-ride continues till you land at Pokhara airport, and then transfer to your hotel. After a wonderful morning adventure on Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour.

Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour Cost Detail

    • One night accommodation in Pokhara
    • Airport transfer by private vehicle
    • Two-way flight by Helicopter
    • Helicopter permit for Annapurna conservation area
    • Airport tax and all government tax vat



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth taking Annapurna Heli Tour?

It depends upon one interest, where some visitors do not have much time for treks to Annapurna base camp, Heli Tour, the only options for eager and keen people to be on the foot beneath one of world highest mountain base camp, in a short duration time of few hours. Yes, it certainly worth taking an Annapurna Heli Tour, on this trip, you will have the opportunity to observe a Nepalese beautiful country, as well you will be in the heart of Annapurna Himalaya facing views of high snow peaks. Annapurna Heli Tour a great trip of a lifetime experience.

What happens if the weather breaks in on route ABC?

The pilot will make the right decision, as he is an expert who has decades of experience flying around the Himalayan mountainous region. If the weather breaks in or gets worse, the pilot will make a swift landing around villages with Heli-Pad. Waits for a while, and soon weather improves then carries on with his mission flying to base camp. Just in case of weather gets extremely worse even in good time of the year, the pilot will not risk it and might turn back to Pokhara, and continues the flight next early morning day, that is if the weather is favorable.

What do we carry on Annapurna Heli Tour?

As per season-wise, our staff or accompanying guide will inform you what to wear according to temperatures at Annapurna base camp. Normally carry a down-jacket, woolen or normal sun cap, long trousers or skirts for ladies. Wear comfortable walking boots or sport shoes, as well carry a muffler or scarf to avoid cold breeze or wind. Rest to carry your hand baggage, or light day pack with water bottles, sunscreen cream, and personal necessary day items.

How many people will be on Annapurna Heli Tour?

The Helicopter seats are made for a maximum of 4 to 5 persons. It depends upon the high season of booking for the trip. Open Trail will fix the daily departures time and dates for interested people. Having a maximum number of people makes the flight much affordable with less cost to operate the Heli Tour. However, we operate and organize Annapurna Heli Tour for single/solo person also, that requires special charter at more cost than the normal cost in a group of 2-5 persons. For more than 5 people, we will ferry the passengers to and fro from Pokhara-Annapurna Base Camp, to make all customers satisfied till the end of the tour.

Can I stay at Annapurna Base Camp and trek to Pokhara after Heli Tour?

This can be pre-arranged, on informing us earlier before few days of main departure, so that we can make a guide and porter available at Annapurna base camp for return trek to Pokhara, with all trekking and Annapurna conservation permits. Which will be at extra cost, and the price of helicopter tour, whether you use it on the way back or not. The cost will remain the same and fixed as stated earlier on booking.

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