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Why open trail treks?

Do you know every travel companies are different? Yeah, you heard it right? Every travel companies have their own rules and regulations and also have their packages, facilities, and offer. It’s all about your choice, which travels companies attract you more. Like other travel companies, Open Trail Treks is also different. Open Trail Treks also have different packages, facilities, offers, and many more than others. Open Trail Treks do all work by itself which includes creating a team, organizing team, and guiding a team.

Open Trail Treks was founded in 2015, since then we are trying to provide better services to all our staff and guests. Our team has 20 years+ of experience in the trekking field, which is undoubtedly a plus point to make Open Trail Treks Nepal better than others. Open Trail Treks can proudly say that we provide you Hundreds of packages to choose from and customize at reasonable price and value. We always want to see a warm smile on our customer's faces so that we gave them warm welcome whenever they visit us. Because of our experienced, skillful, and very friendly team member, we have succeeded to have 80% repeated customers. So, clear your doubt, engage with us, and allow us to make your trek memorable and worthy.

24 Hour Service and Individual Attention 

Open Trail Trek never compromises when it comes to the needs of the customer. We are available 24 hours for your service. You can make contact through email or phone at any time when you need us. We will always be right there for your service. A quick response is our main priority. Our agent will contact you individually to discuss travel plans and you can share your own idea too with us.

Our Enthusiastic Team

Don’t you think whenever you go on a trek, if your guide and other team member became very friendly, it will make you very comfortable throughout the journey? Yeah, exactly that’s a point; we provide you all the best guides and team members for your trek. They will be so friendly, you will not feel any discomfort and you will enjoy a lot with them. We have those team members who are a very caring, loving, and cheerful person that they will not make you feel any regrets. Our entire team members are very professional in their job, for that reason you can trust us and you can make us your partner wherever you travel in Nepal. Guiding only is our job to do while you are trekking, we will also provide you many information’s about places, culture, and also the history of the Himalayas. Our team members will bring you close to local culture and many more which will be more interesting. 

Our Responsibility and Ethics

We believe in responsible tourism in Nepal. Nepal's government has always motivated people of the tourism sector to have sustainable development in the tourism industry. Our team member is well known about sustainable development in the tourism industry and they all are well trained for ethical tourism in every trekking route. We will make our valuable contribution to conserve natural beauty as well as cultural heritage by not disturbing the real presence of nature and cultural heritage. We will also give rise to economic benefits for local people by using a local homestay, campsites, locally owned hotels, and lodges. We will disturb the personal life of local peoples. 

Our Knowledge and Experiences 

As we mentioned earlier Open Trail Treks Nepal have 20 years+ of experience with different tourist across the world, we have gained so much practical knowledge about trekking and customers. It is always knowledge and experiences which make trekking company better in this competitive world. We believe in customer satisfaction if you get satisfied with us and if you feel safe in our hands then this will be our achievement. Investing in traveling is investing life, and we can’t let go of your investment, we will do our best to make your investment in traveling worthy with the help of our knowledge and experiences. 

Our Concern for your Safety 

Your safety is our responsibility. Open Trail Treks will be responsible for your safety. You just don’t have to worry about anything, our team members will always help you to walk on a safe route and provide clean and hygienic accommodation for your safety. For your safety, our team member will have a first aid kit and for altitude sickness, we will arrange medicines and oxygen cylinders at an additional cost as per the situation. And for safety for your luggage, our porter will be there to carry it in secure baggage.

Our Reputation and Award 

We are especially known for our friendly staff. Moreover, because we provide 24-hour quality service to our valuable customers we have achieved more trust from our customers. We count your trust as our reputation and your safe feeling toward us an award. More than that, we have been awarded the trip advisor certificate of excellence. Our reputation is in hands of our customers to win the heart of our customers we are working harder and we are improving the quality of services every day. 

Your Travel Investment is safe and valued

Whenever you are out from home, we understand your fear about getting cheated but since you are connecting with Open Trail Treks you don’t have to worry anything about your investment. Your investment is safe and valued. You can book your trip with confidence because Open Trail Treks is fully authorized by the government of Nepal and recognized by the countries office of the company registrar. We are also credentialed with the Nepal Tourism Board, Department of Industry, and the National Nepal Rastra Bank. There will not any risk in your journey and you can be tension-free throughout the journey since your trekking fees and tour payments are protected. In any case, we suggest our customer buy their own travel insurance; we specially designed our trips to maximize the values of every dollar you spend. 

Custom Itineraries at the Best Prices

We are proud to say that we have 80% repeated customers. Are you thinking about how 80% of repeated customers? Let us answer you; it’s all because of our best services at the best prices. We make great efforts to develop each itinerary with your input at the best prices. We will always involve you in any kind of planning process about your journey so that you can meet your travel goals and be pleased while you are traveling. We will do anything possible to help you on your own personalized Himalayas tour. Whether you are joining a group tour or arranging for a private trip, we will always offer you a better price. Open Trail Treks never compromise when it comes to quality service, satisfaction, and happiness of the customer, your travel experience with us will be the best part of your life and you don’t have to think anything negative about it just believes that you will be in safe hands from start to end of your trip.

Go Beyond Trekking with Innovative Tour Packages

The beauty of nature and breathtaking views of the Himalayas has always drawn the attention of many tourists across the world. More than that there are many other things which will help you to get relaxed and forget all your problems. You will not just get to see a breathtaking view of the mountains but also other adventurous activities. We believe in sustainable development in tourism that’s why we provide many tour packages related to adventurous and recreational activities at better rates. We always want our customers to experiences everything unique here. In addition to day tours and trekking, you can enjoy jungle safari trips, rafting, and also you can do mountain flights. If you like more adventure than you can do bungee jumping, paragliding, boating and many more. Whether you are trekking with family or friend or you are alone we always work hard to meet all your expectation by providing you better service as well as innovative tour package at a favorable price.

Discounted Rates Available 

As we mentioned earlier, we always work for customer satisfaction. This is the reason why we provide discounts for those who are repeated customers of Open Trail Treks. Are you becoming part of Open Trail Treks for the first time? Take it easy because we also provide discounts for families and visitors who are referred by our previous clients. And for large groups who have 10 13 members and more, we will provide a free trip to your group leader. Feel free to contact us and ask for a discount and we will see what we can do for you and your group members.